Privacy Policy

The policy of NOVO EOOD aims to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Regulation.
NOVO EOOD collects and processes personal data lawfully, in good faith and in accordance with the principles and rights of natural persons in connection with the processing of their personal data.
NOVO EOOD processes personal data of individuals only in the following cases:
processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation of NOVO EOOD;
processing is necessary for the performance of a contract (including an order) with NOVO EOOD, to which a natural person is a party, or to take steps at the request of a natural person before concluding a contract, when his identification is needed;
a natural person has given his unequivocal consent for an understandable and transparently defined purpose on the part of NOVO EOOD, for which it is necessary to process his personal data;
processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the individual whose personal data is being processed or of another individual;
the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of NOVO EOOD or of a third party, according to the provisions of the Regulation;
other cases provided for in the Regulation.
NOVO EOOD does not collect or process personal data of individuals that exceed its obligations by law or its needs for doing business.
In all cases, when it is necessary to use collected and processed personal data of individuals for purposes other than the original ones, NOVO EOOD notifies the relevant individuals, requests their consent and proceeds to process their personal data for other purposes, only after their express consent.
NOVO EOOD collects and processes only the minimum necessary personal data of individuals who:
are provided for by law;

are needed for the performance of a contract;

are needed to fulfill the purposes for which they are collected.
NOVO EOOD ensures that the processing of the personal data of individuals is carried out with maximum accuracy and, if possible, always up-to-date.
NOVO EOOD ensures that the access and processing of the personal data of natural persons is carried out by the minimum necessary number of persons (operators) who have the necessary competence for their processing and the necessary commitment for their protection.
NOVO EOOD stores personal data in the following terms:
Data for the register of accommodated tourists within the meaning of Art. 116 of the Law on Tourism, which include identification data of the accommodated persons and data related to hotel accommodation – In accordance with the order and term provided for in the Law on Tourism and the subordinate legislation

Information related to requested and used services for hotel accommodation, for events and for restaurant services, incl. for canceled reservations for hotel accommodation (as far as they are related to the refund of prepaid amounts and/or withholding of due amounts) – From the making of the relevant reservation/request up to 5 /five/ years from the provision of the service/completion of the performance of the contract/cancellation of the reservation . In cases where the services are requested and used on the basis of a contract with continuous performance, the term begins to run from the final performance and/or termination of the contract.
Financial and accounting documents; invoices; authorization forms; other information related to the tax-insurance control – Up to 10 /ten/ years, counted from the beginning of the year following the one in which payment of the obligation for the relevant year is due.
Unstructured communication, correspondence, complaints, signals, etc. similar – 5 years.
Video data – up to 1 week
Data processed on the basis of the express consent of the Data Subject – From the moment of granting consent until its withdrawal by the Data Subject.
Until a request from the natural person for their deletion, when there is a reason for such a request
The personal data specified in this Policy may be processed for a longer period of time than specified above, if this is necessary to achieve the goals set out in it or to protect the rights and/or legal interests (including by court order ) of NOVO EOOD or if the current legislation provides for data processing for a longer period.

In all cases, NOVO EOOD ensures that the personal data collected and processed are reviewed at least once a year, and those that fall under any of the above hypotheses are deleted without undue delay.


Personal data is processed with the necessary levels and measures of protection
NOVO EOOD provides the necessary levels of physical, organizational and technological protection with a view to:
the nature, scope, context and purpose of the personal data processed;
the probability, levels of impact and severity of the risk for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, in the event of a breach of the security of the processed personal data;
its financial and organizational capabilities.
NOVO EOOD also provides all the necessary measures for timely restocking