Ahtopol – the city of love

Ahtopol was founded by Athenian colonists nearly 2,500 years ago during the Golden Age of Pericles. From then until today, the city has been successively within the boundaries of the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. In 812 Khan Krum for the first time annexed it to the territory of Bulgaria.
To visit Ahtopol these days you don’t have to take it with sword and armor. It is enough to love the sun, the sea and be romantic. Here you can see the sunrise behind the lighthouse or stand speechless at the sunset on the beach.

The promenade is almost a kilometer long and goes around the old town where Roman walls stood centuries ago. If you walk along it, you will pass the Greek School /now a base for sculptors and artists/, the old church and you will inevitably come across numerous restaurants and cafes with a unique sea view.
There are several art galleries here. Festivals, literary contests and other cultural events are held.
In Ahtopol, you can visit the Strandzha Park building, where you will be introduced to its riches and the unique species that inhabit it. Some of the tourist routes also start from here. The entire territory south of Ahtopol to Sinemorets is part of the protected area Ustieto Veleka River.
The real charm of the city can be felt outside the active tourist season, when it is much quieter, and the aromas of grilled fish or green fig jam waft from the courtyards of the houses.